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Terms and Conditions

We would like to Thank you for giving us a chance to serve you and considering "DUN TRAVELS" as your Travel Partner.

Dear Guest / Passenger / Customer, We are basically travel and holiday organizers only and We take utmost care in selecting all the ingredients for making your holiday a comfortable one. We guarantee that will left no stone unturn to provide you with best of our services in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere at all the times. We strive for complete satisfaction and endeavour to provide a safe and secure journey. We only select the airlines, trains, hotels etc., but do not have any control in the running of them. Thus, we are not responsible for any injury, loss, personal harm, death or damage to the person or property which may be caused by the act or default of the management or employees of any independent contractor and arising outside our normal selection and inspection process.

The Company, without assigning any reasons, reserves the right to change any brochure information including Tour itinerary, tour tariff, departure date, number of nights at the destination and hotels before or after any tourist makes booking and/or registration for any tour and or after the departure of any tour. Also, Reasonable care has been undertaken to ensure that the information posted on our website is accurate in all ways. However, we does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information provided on this Website. The information displayed on our Website / terms and conditions may be changed or updated without notice. Users are deemed to be apprised of and bound by such changes. Under no circumstances we will be liable for any loss or direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages caused by reliance on this information. The 'Terms and Conditions' given below forms the basis of our contract with you. We request you to kindly read and understand all the terms and conditions. It is imperative that anyone who is availing our services, abide by and strictly comply and observe all the terms and conditions laid down herein.


All disputes pertaining to the tour and travel, travel related services conducted by our Company and any claim arising thereof would be solved amicably or shall be subjected to Dehradun jurisdiction only or as decided by "Dun Travels".

Complaints or Grievances

If the tourist has any claim, grievance and / or complaint in respect of services provided by any of the independent contractors, the tourist shall immediately notify the same to the independent contractor in writing, and a copy thereof is handed over to the tour escort / leader / Manager / Assistant and /or Company not later than 7 days thereof to enable the Company to take up the matter with the concerned independent contractor.

Privacy of Information

Any Information furnished by the tourist to the tour escort / leader/ Manager / Assistant and or the Company, is subject to disclosure thereof as required by law or by an order by court or the rules, regulations and enquiry by any government / statutory authority. Company shall not disclose any data of its own under any circumstances to any guests including any kind of clarification on itinerary, tour costs, cancellation charges etc.

Photographs or Video Clips

Company reserves the right to use Photographs / Video Clips of the tourist taken on tour and/ or given by tourist, for promotion of the Company's Business without obtaining prior permission of the concerned tourist.


The Company advises tourists not to carry valuable items to the extent possible with them on tour and invariably carry such items, if any, with them while leaving the hotel for whatever reasons and not to keep any valuables, money or important travel documents etc. in suitcase. Better keep them in safe deposit lockers. In case of any loss suffered by the tourist the Company is not liable or responsible for the same.

Tourist's Guest not allowed

Guests other than tourist are not to be invited on tour by any tourist and they are not allowed to use any of the services of the tour.

Paid Toilets

At some places/destinations/country, there are paid toilet haults, which tourist have to take care on own.


Passenger's signature on the booking form or paying the registration amount shall mean acceptance in totality of the 'Terms and Conditions' contained herein by the passenger/s. In case of one or more, but not all signing the 'Booking Form', it shall be deemed that the others have duly authorised the concerned signing passenger/s.


If circumstances make you cancel your holiday, the cancellation must be intimated to us in writing. As per the booking condition of the holiday, we are constrained to levy cancellation charges as applicable time to time.

Payment Security

All payments that happen on our website is secured. We do not capture any data pertaining to credit or debit card details on our site. The client for all online payments are taken to the acquiring bank's payment gateway site for completion of the transaction. The credit card or debit card information is not stored in any retrieval system or storage system of Dun travels or their associates.

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